swordThe traditional weapon of the highland clansman, the Scottish swords have sown fear into the hearts of Englishmen for centuries. Having double edged blade, the hand forged swords are beautifully polished with triple fullers. The blade cuts very strongly due to its width and "V" shaped cross section. Claymore is the one-hand basket-hilted broadsword- a form of the Scottish sword.
bowBowis and dorlochis ~ bows and arrows.
These were in use in Scotland up until the end of the 17th century and were used for hunting and in battles. Bowis is the old spelling of bows and dorlochis means quivers.
armorBrigantiflis ~ light armour. This is a corruption of brigantine which was a kind of armour used in the 15th & 16th centuries. Also called jack, it looked a bit like a modern flak jacket and was lined with metal plates.
shieldScottish shields or sometimes called the targe, were round shields with loops on the back through one of which the arm was passed while the other was grasped by the hand.

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