The Chinese swords are usually adorned with beautiful and exquisite gold and silver inlay on the scabbard that is reminiscent of artistic motifs and art of the Warring States Period.
JianJian is often called the "sovereign of blades". Jian was most commonly used during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 BC-256 BC). According to historical records, many famous jian of great quality were made during this time at the requests of the emperors and dukes.
jiJi is a weapon with a steel or bronze tip mounted on the end of a long shaft, next to which is attached a curved blade. Because of the attachment of the curved blade, the weapon can be used to both stab and slash.
Qiang is one of the long weapons that evolved from mao. It is commonly referred to as the "king of the hundred weapons". It is basically a long shaft with a steel or bronze tip.
Dao is the most widely used weapon, in part due to the fact that it is generic term given to many different weapons. It is usually referred as the first of the "eighteen kinds of weapons."
hook swordThe Hook Sword or Shuang Gou also known as tiger-head is an exotic Chinese weapon traditionally associated with Northern styles of Chinese martial arts, but now often practiced by Southern styles as well.

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