The swords of medieval times between 500 to 1500 AD approximataely evolved from steel Celtic swords arising from a tradition of straight, double-edged swords. During the Middle Ages, the swords had blades just under a yard in length and the grip was designed for a single hand; the other hand left free to hold the shield.
axeThe unique Battle Axes, or War Axes were one of the most commonly used and popular weapons for battle during the Middle Ages. The Medieval battle axes had highly sharpened blades that could easily pierce armour and shred chain mail worn by the opposing knights. The battle axe was designed to be light-weight and thus was an extremely suited weapon for one-handed battle both on the ground and on horseback.
shieldMedieval shields are considered as an extension of the knight's armor and they were the perfect part of a suit of armor for self-defense.
The medieval daggers stand testimony to the Middle Ages when encounters with any stranger often led to bloodshed.
helmetThe medieval helmets were of leather reinforced with bronze or iron straps and usually took the form of conical or hemispherical skullcaps. With the increasing amount of metal used in their making, the helmets were fashioned of iron and gradually the helm, or heaume, emerged.
polearmA pole arm is a weapon on the end of a stick and is specifically an infantry weapon. The additional reach the pole gives affords the wielder of the weapon the advantage of striking the enemy before he himself can be struck, or holding the enemy at a distance.
Armour or armor suit is a protective clothing specified to defend its wearer from intentional harm in combat and military engagements typically related with soldiers.

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