swordThe sword was a mainstay of the Roman military throughout its history. In the Republican period, the dominant style of sword was the gladius Hispaniensis. This style of sword was adopted by the Romans after they encountered it in Spain. The "classic Roman sword" means that the blade was between 25 and 30 inches long, the guard was very narrow, and the hilt was topped with a rounded ball.
shield Roman shield, commonly called the Scutum, was worn by the heavy-armed infantry and adapted to the form of the human body by being made either oval or of the shape of a door which it also resembled in being made of wood or wicker-work.
helmetThe earliest form of helmets appear to have only had centrally mounted plumes.
daggerRoman Daggers are a perfect pieces of art symbolizing the Roman persona. Classic representations of the Roman times, the daggers are vivid illustrations of a momentous era in history.
armorOne of the biggest inventions of the blacksmiths of Rome was the torso armor that was known as the Lorica segmentata, which was a set or a kit of armor.
chainmailThe Lorica hamata was a type of chain mail armor that was manufactured for the Roman army in the times when the Roman republic was on its down fall and the Roman empire was emerging.
scale armorThe Lorica squamata was a type of scale armor that was used by the Roman cavalry. The Roman cavalry armor was the heaviest of all the ancient roman armor designs

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